Plot of the Month

We are excited to announce that we are starting a "Plot of the Month" rewards program!

 A few things about this program: 

  •  On the first Saturday of each month we will determine and announce a winner. Our next winner will be announced on September 7th. 
  • We are  looking for natural creativity and beauty. Please note that having any  unnatural materials on the plot will automatically disqualify it. If you are unsure if an item is allowed at Dust to Dust, just reach out and ask us! We are happy to guide you. 
  • In the case that your loved one's plot is determined the winner, we will be contacting the person linked to that plot via the contact information we have on file. If you plan on participating (which we hope you all do!) and believe this contact information needs to be updated,  please let us know.
  • Winners will receive a gift basket worth around $100 to show our appreciation for the beautiful maintenance of the plot.


July 2019

Family and friends of Frances V. Terry. 


August 2019

Family and friends of Mary Springs.